The Wanderlust Table

Adventurous Eaters. Welcome.

The Wanderlust Table Personal Chef Services elevates your dining experiences and private parties with delectable food, bold world flavors, and fun culinary adventures for refined, adult palates. We want you to travel the world in your own dining room, from your own dinner plate. 

We offer customized prepared meals for weekly delivery or in-home service as well as boutique catering for your at-home parties.

Ready for more food, flavor, and fun?

Who benefits from working with us?

  • Busy professionals going from sunrise to sunset
  • Singles who don’t see the point of cooking for one
  • Non-cooks and good cooks who are bored and uninspired
  • Seniors whose children want to ensure they are eating well
  • Dual-income households that simply don’t have the time or energy to prepare nutritious and delicious meals for themselves


Our customized prepared meals and catering services give you more time to savor your meals using menus that delight you and your guests seasoned with creativity and adventurous flavor. We are always happy to adjust for any dietary restrictions you or your guests may have.

Get started on your culinary adventure!

About Me

Personal chef Laura MacDougall has been cooking since she was able to see over the kitchen counter. Now she’s available to be in yours! Using high-quality ingredients, exploring international cuisines, and delighting the palates of her clients are the foundational elements of The Wanderlust Table, based in Plainville, MA.

Chef Laura MacDougall

“What can I even say? Thank you so much for an amazing dinner last night. My friends were raving about you and the food. We were all just in awe of how you managed to do all of that. We will definitely be in touch regarding future events!”

D.S. and B.F.
Foxboro, MA