About Your Chef

wanderlust   wŏn′dər-lŭst
noun. A natural impulse to change of place; a craze for travel.

Chef Laura MacDougall

Wanderlust has always been in my blood – from the actual joy of travel to tasting world flavors and combining unusual ingredients. 

Cooking is what I love most, and I want food to be fun as well as nutritious. The bold colors of spices, the mouth-watering flavors, and the healthy challenge of creating wonderful meals within the parameters of my clients’  dietary needs are what being a personal chef means to me. 

Creating interesting meals that please adult palates, prepared with the best ingredients I can find, that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home is my true passion.

My personal and professional journey has been the best recipe of science and creativity for becoming a personal chef and business owner. 

  • The chemist in me experiments with new flavors. 
  • The marketer in me has a passion for food presentation.
  • The chef in me strives to explore tastes that delight and surprise my clients.

Growing up, my parents took us to a local farm in the summer to pick vegetables. Then we would head home to cook, trying new recipes and freezing our bounty for the winter. They were always willing to teach me and encourage my curiosity about food. My parents exposed me to international flavors by taking me to places like Chinatown in New York City, South America and Africa, which inspired me to create my own flavors in the kitchen.

Let me share this same love with you, and show you how much fun dinner can be! We’ll embark on a culinary journey together without leaving home!

Who benefits from working with us?

  • Busy professionals going from sunrise to sunset
  • Singles who don’t see the point of cooking for one
  • Non-cooks and good cooks who are bored and uninspired
  • Seniors whose children want to make sure they are eating well
  • Dual-income households that simply don’t have the time or energy to prepare nutritious and delicious meals for themselves

Ready for More Food, Flavor, and Fun?

“Altogether, these meals have been life-saving experience and I cannot tell you how many times they have saved us from having no lunch at all due to lack of time to even think of what to eat and then having to make it or having an unhealthy or very blah dinner. Looking forward to more delicious experiences.”

Olga B.
Waltham, MA