You have a passion for food and are willing to explore new flavors and dishes… As long as you don’t have to do the cooking.

The Wanderlust Table Personal Chef serves Norfolk County, MA. and bordering towns. We handcraft your in-home dining experiences and everyday meal services with creative, flavorful food, customized menus, and a bit of adventure for refined, adult palates. 

Want to treat a friend or loved one?
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Are You Ready To Celebrate?

Everyone loves a party when the food is done right. The Wanderlust Table keeps you off the grill and out of the kitchen so you can spend time with your guests and enjoy your event. Whether it’s a casual outdoor get-together, or a formal cocktail party, catering with Wanderlust Table encourages you to be a guest, too.

We are also available to cater any private or impromptu parties you would like to host in your home. Let us know of any upcoming birthdays, dinner parties, or if you simply want a lovely night in.

We can cater for: 

  • Intimate dinners from 2-20
  • Cocktail parties 
  • Larger parties (served plated, family style, or buffet)
  • Backyard gatherings including BBQs and pig roasts 
  • Brunches, showers, bachelorette parties, and graduations

We can also handle servers, bartenders, and rentals. Just ask and we’re ready to help!

Personal Chef Services

Are you looking to elevate your daily culinary experience? 

The Wanderlust Table offers customized chef services that provide personal attention for your weekly in-home dining experience.

We are knowledgeable about food allergies, special dietary needs, and food substitutions which allows us to create nutritious and delicious meals our clients rave about. 

For healthy meal services at home every day of the week, our personal chefs are available as needed for culinary requests. We provide continuing support in all areas of your nutrition, from balanced meals and snacks to collaboration with your nutritionist or doctor. As your dietary needs and preferences shift and change, we change with you!

If you’re traveling and would like to continue your chef services while you’re away or visiting a second home, we also offer local chef services within our service area. 

Have any other special requests? Simply let us know!

Who Uses Our Personal Chef Services?

Most of our personal chef clients lead a full and busy lifestyle and want to elevate the dining experience at home.

We can accommodate the strict dietary needs of professional and semi-professional athletes as well as plan around any work and travel schedules, no matter how tricky they get. 

We are happy to consult with your nutritionist or doctor to create a meal plan for optimal performance. After working with many football players from the New England Patriots, we are experienced with coordinating with your doctor or nutritionist.

Busy Professionals
From the single jet setter to the married CEO to the active empty nester,, we are here to accommodate your culinary preferences and dietary needs. We provide a culinary concierge service that is truly custom and can adapt to schedules that may change from week to week.

Those Recovering from Illness or Surgery
Whether you are recovering from a recent surgery or adjusting to a newborn in the house, we also help families who are bouncing back. 

We can consult with your doctor to create the best diet to encourage optimal healing and offer any level of food/meal/chef service while you get back on your feet.

Gift Givers
Our service is an excellent gift to give a friend or loved one. Gift cards are available!

Prepared Meal Delivery Service

This service provides customized meals for those with elevated palates but no desire, time, or energy to cook. Ideal if you are:

  • Tired of the same old mediocre take-out options
  • Don’t have time to cook more interesting meals
  • Struggling to cook with variety for a special-needs diet
  • Curious about what’s in your food and ready to explore new flavors
  • Sick of wasting food that you buy but don’t really want to eat
  • Done with bland, wrong-size portions that are unsatisfying

We want you to love eating “right size” portions laden with color and flavorful ingredients.

Our prepared meal delivery service can include healthy breakfasts, fun lunches, tasty snacks, exciting dinners, and/or scrumptious desserts. Simplify your busy life and save time while you enjoy healthy, world-inspired meals.

We deliver your personalized gourmet food in food-safe containers and place them right in your fridge. All you have to do is enjoy our wonderful cuisine made just for you.

Is your mouth watering yet?

“Can’t thank you enough for taking care of me this past year. Laura is an absolute beast at cooking and her meals are God-tier.”

New England Patriot